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No. 51 Scheutzen Ideal Rifle

Manufacturer: J. Stevens A&T Co.
Model: No. 51 Scheutzen Ideal
Caliber: 32-40
This rifle was built around 1916 and is a great example of how precision rifles looked 100 years ago. Notice it has a 30 in barrel that is half octagon/round and has a hooded target front sight. The rear sight is not only adjustable for elevation but also windage and it also comes with an multi size peep sight with 5 different diameters and is rear tang mounted that can be dropped down out of the way when not in use. Action is what was called a falling block which was pulled down into the engraved receiver as the lever was moved forward. It is equipped with set triggers that were adjustable with the rear trigger setting the front trigger sometime called the hair trigger because it only needs to move the width of a hair to fire the rifle. At 12 lbs in weight one wouldn’t want to spend a lot to time shooting this off hand but I would imagine in its day this was a really good shooter.