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Personal Defense

  • Trigger enhancements
    • Deburring engagement angles for crisp and consistent break
    • Replacing hammer or striker springs
  • Sight upgrades
    • Updating from standard sights to night sights or high vision fiber optics


  • Full trigger polishing and stoning
    • Stoning engagement angles for a crisp and consistent break. Polishing trigger bars for smoother trigger pull and faster resets. Spring replacement for lighter trigger and faster reset Oversize mag wells
    • Flaring mag well to allow for wider magazine port for faster and easier magazine insertion
  • Extended mag release
    • For the faster acquisition of the magazine release
  • Match barrel fitting
    • Replacing factory barrel with a match barrel and hand fitting barrel to slide and frame
  • Slide modifications
    • Milling slide for forward cocking serrations. Milling grooves in the slide for reducing weight for faster ejection and reloading. Cutting slides for aftermarket RMR (red dot) sights


  • Full trigger enhancements
    • Replacing factory plastic triggers with aluminum competition triggers hand-fitted to frame.
    • Polishing the trigger bar and frame to enhance pre-creep.
    • Setting the trigger for little to no overtravel. Hand stoning sear and hammer engagement angles for a matched set.
    • Polishing disconnector. Deburring sear and hammer holes for pins.
    • Replacing mainspring housing with competition spring.
    • Tuning trigger spring for a lighter trigger.
  • Hand fitted barrel bushings
    • Fit barrel bushing to frame to the 0.001-inch clearance between bushing and barrel
  • Beavertail safety custom fitting
    • Hand filing and sanding frame to allow beavertail grip to replace factory safety
  • Ejection ports opened up
    • Milling ejection port 0.005 inches deeper and beveling back of port to ensure spent cases clear port and alleviate stove piping
  • Forward slide serrations
    • Milling serrations on slide front to allow cocking slide from the front as well as rear and perform chamber checks
  • Front sight dovetails
    • Mill dovetail to allow new aftermarket front sights to be installed instead of staked front sight
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