Virginia Premier Rifle Gunsmithing


  • Re-barrel and chambering
    • Replace old barrels that have been shot out
  • Trigger work
    • Enhance factory triggers for a more consistent break or replace with aftermarket trigger upgrades
  • Action tune-up
    • Enhance bolt actions for tighter lock up and less play
  • Muzzle brakes
    • Threading barrels if needed and installing breaks to reduce recoil
  • Scope mounting

Precision Long Range

  • Chambering match barrels
    • Match reamers centered to bore. Cutting and threading shoulder to fit the action.
    • Cut chamber with match grade reamer and hold to a tolerance of +/- 0.0001 inch
  • Slugging barrel for the proper length
    • Hand pushing lead slug through the barrel and marking tightest point which determines overall match barrel length allowing barrel to keep consistent velocity from chamber to muzzle
  • Full receiver blueprinting
    • Ream receiver to known diameter front and rear. True action based on new trued bore to +/- 0.0001 inch.
    • True receiver lugs to the receiver face and chase and true receiver threads to bore.
    • Sleeve bolts to match receiver +/- 0.001 inch.
    • Lap bolt lugs to the receiver to 80% or better.
    • True bolt face.
  • Bedding action
    • Bedding action to fiberglass stocks (Manners, McMillan, Bell & Carlson, H&S Precision, and others) Bedding floorplates to accept detachable magazines
  • Trigger stoned and set for a consistent break
    • Enhance factory triggers for a more consistent break or replace with aftermarket trigger upgrades


  • Mil-spec trigger enhancement
    • Stoning engagement angles on trigger and hammer for a more consistent break
  • Aftermarket trigger upgrades
    • Complete build of lowers
      • Assemble stripped lowers with customer-selected components
    • Complete build of uppers
      • Assemble stripped uppers with customer-selected components
    • Rail replacement
      • Replacing plastic handguards and A post front sight to low profile gas block and customer selected free-floated rail
  • Sights/scopes
  • Barrels cut and threaded for muzzle brake or suppressor
  • Sterling Custom AR lowers now available with the option of customized serial numbers
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