Sterling Custom Rifle Gallery

Sterling Custom Rifle Gallery

VETPAW custom build

Now its done, we are proud to introduce the S.P.E.A.R. (Sterling’s Precision Enhanced Accuracy Rifle) built for ‪#‎VETPAW.


  • Action: ‪#‎Remington blue printed short action
  • Chambered in .308 (7.62 x 51)
  • Barrel, muzzle brake and bolt knob: ‪#‎Hawk Hill Custom
  • Stock: Manner T4 ‪#‎mannerstocks
  • Bottom metal and scope rail: Badger Ordnance ‪#‎badgerordnance
  • Scope & rings: Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 MM Ret-MRAD ‪#‎vortexoptics
  • Camo: Kryptek Mandrake by Liquid Illusions ‪#‎kryptek

Custom 338 Lapua

Sterling Custom SPEAR 338 Lapua, Hawk Hill (HHC) barrel with Hawk Hill brake, Shilen tactical trigger, Bell & Carlson tactical stock,  Vortex Razor 5×25 scope with Vortex rings, Harris bipod with Hawk Hill Talon feet

No. 51 Scheutzen Ideal Rifle

  • Manufacturer: J. Stevens A&T Co.
  • Model: No. 51 Scheutzen Ideal
  • Caliber: 32-40

This rifle was built around 1916 and is a great example of how precision rifles looked 100 years ago. Notice it has a 30 in barrel that is half octagon/round and has a hooded target front sight. The rear sight is not only adjustable for elevation but also windage and it also comes with an multi size peep sight with 5 different diameters and is rear tang mounted that can be dropped down out of the way when not in use. Action is what was called a falling block which was pulled down into the engraved receiver as the lever was moved forward. It is equipped with set triggers that were adjustable with the rear trigger setting the front trigger sometime called the hair trigger because it only needs to move the width of a hair to fire the rifle. At 12 lbs in weight one wouldn’t want to spend a lot to time shooting this off hand but I would imagine in its day this was a really good shooter.

The Rifle that Won the West

Allow me to introduce the rifle that “Won the West” the Winchester model 1873 in caliber 44-40. And this one is not only an original but with a serial number under 7500 it is a first generation. This one is in amazing condition for a rifle that is 130 + years old and everything is functioning.

SPEAR Custom Long Range rifle

We are honored to have our first SPEAR rifle going to an USMC Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. He has a great sense of humor as well as a built in spare monopod when needed! Semper Fi and thank you for your service.

Sterling Custom 338 lapua action, ‪#‎Hogueinc stock, ‪#‎Hawkhillcustom barrel and talons, ‪#‎vortexoptics Razor HD 5×20 scope, ‪#‎harrisbipods, ‪#‎surefire muzzle brake, finished in ‪#‎cerakote burnt bronze.

It was a real honor to build this for a Marine that was also a “Hog” and we are grateful for his service .

Custom Camo Remington Action 308

Another new build going out of the door this week. Fun doing the paint job on this one. ‪#‎Remington 700 SPS 26″ barrel in 308. Action tune up.‪#‎bellandcarlson Bell & Carlson tactical medalist 5 stock inleted for detachable magazine. Bedded for the receiver and free floating barrel as well as bottom metal. 5 round AI magazine. ‪#‎badgerordnance Badger steel scope rail with 20 MOA. ‪#‎Vortexoptics Vortex Viper PST 4-16x 50mm EBR-1 MRAD scope with Vortex 30mm precision matched rings. Harris 6-9 notched leg bipod in desert style camo pattern.

Another new build in 308.

#‎Remington 700 blueprinted action. ‪#‎HawkHillCustom 1/10th twist barrel and muzzle brake. Factory tuned trigger,‪#‎badgerordnance Badger oversize bolt knob and 20 MOA steel scope rail.‪#‎JPRifles JP Enterprises AMCS (Advanced Modular Chassis System). The barreled action with ‪#‎cerakote in matte black. Harris 6×9 bipod with Hawk Hill Custom Hawk Talon feet.

Other Rifle Builds

Sterling Custom SPEAR 338 Lapua, Hawk Hill (HHC) barrel with Hawk Hill brake, Manners T4A stock, Shilen trigger, PTG bottom metal, Harris bipod with HHC talons, US Optics ER-25, Vortex precision matched rings, custom camo paint

Sterling Custom SPEAR short action chambered in 308. Manners T6 stock, Hawk Hill barrel and muzzle brake, Harris bipod with Hawk Hill talon feet, US Optics scope, Vortex precision scope rings, Shilen match trigger with Accumag bottom metal for detachable magazines. Urban camo design.

Sterling Custom SPEAR short action chambered in 308, Manners T6 stock, Hawk Hill barrel, Harris bipod with Hawk Hill talon feet, US Optics scope, Vortex precision scope rings, Timney trigger

Remington 700 action, blueprinted, Hawk Hill barrel and muzzle brake, Accuracy International stock, Vortex Viper PST 4-16x scope and rings, Harris bipod, Timney trigger, Badger Ordnance 20MOA scope rail

Remington 700 in a Hogue stock. Inletted and bedded PTG bottom metal, Hawk Hill muzzle brake

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